Montgomery County Genealogical Society


Are you looking for a network of people who share your enthusiasm for genealogy? Or perhaps you are researching your own ancestral connections in Montgomery County, Maryland. We can help!
Local genealogy experts and enthusiasts launched this independent organization (in process of appying for non-profit status)  in September after breaking away from the county historical society. Formerly a club, the Montgomery County Genealogical Society provides a venue for individuals to share their interests and projects. The society also offers training on genealogical and historical research, shares resources, furthers the efforts of local historians, and more.
New members are welcome! Annual dues are $30. Want to be a founding member add a donation of $50 and sign up before July 2022.
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Our Founders:
Deborah Logsdon Sue Gray Lorraine Minor
Jane Burgess Susan Wilbur Carty S. Lawson
Elaine Hornauer Jean S. Findlay Mary Sanders
Sharon Hill Christina Lyons Sue Reeb
Beverley Canaday Helena Wright Mary Ossi
Gweneth Oakey Rowe Scott Jung Pamela Jung
Ellen Buckingham Bonnie Dybalski Stan Fisher
Richard Lowe Betty J Walker Pamela Loos-Noji
Mike Taimi Alice F. Harris Elaine Gibson
Diane Tamayo Vivian Eicke Hannelore Quigley
Stephen Fisher David McKeown Douglas Hill
Lori Kelman Beth Fisher Suzanne Hudson
Megan Adamson Susan Savard Karen Kosian
Sandra Clunies Cheryl Peirce Margo Williams
Thomas Baucom Cynthia Sadula Janet Bailey
Harold McClendon  Patricia Shama Forrest Minor


An Opening Community Director Rockville Cemetery

Dear Montgomery County Genealogical Society:
On behalf of Rockville Cemetery Association, I am writing to share good news and to ask a favor.
As you likely know, Rockville Cemetery is a beautiful, historic property where rest in peace thousands of individuals who lived and worked here, helping to make our city and county the vibrant place we know today.  
Recently our all-volunteer Board of Directors decided that, after 275 years of operations, it is time to employ a full-time Community Director who will be the face of Rockville Cemetery Association.  This person will be responsible for sales, burials, administrative matters, and responding to the needs of families who are considering burying loved ones at Rockville Cemetery.   
I ask for your help in spreading the word and finding qualified applicant(s) for this position. 
Below this email is the basic information about this position.  The complete job description is attached to this email and posted on our website,    
Rockville Cemetery Association believes this individual can be recruited from within our community, and we are prepared to act as soon as they are identified.  
Please let me know if you are willing to post this position through your channels.  If you have questions about this, or suggestions for our quest, do not hesitate to contact me.  
Thank you very much. 
Best regards,
Hannelore Quigley 
President, Rockville Cemetery Association 
Link to full job description for RCA Community Director: 

January 26
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
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February 23
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March 23
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Burren Girl with Rita Davern
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April 27
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
DAR Applications: Finding dates, places and generation links before 1850 by Pam Loos-Noji
DAR Applications require solid proof of dates, places and generational links which are often hard to find before the clues provided by the 1850 Census. ...

May 25
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Beyond Names and Dates –Telling the Family Story by Christina Lyons
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