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The Why of Y (DNA)! by Andrew Hochreiter
Wednesday, September 27
The Why of Y (DNA)! by Andrew Hochreiter  (Monthly Educational Meetings)
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
This talk will discuss the Y chromosome and its use in discovering paternal family history. The types of YDNA markers, YDNA Haplogroups, understanding the BigY test, and the value of Surname projects will be explained.
Andrew Hochreiter, MEd, MIS, is an avid genetic genealogist who manages multiple DNA surname projects and has successfully applied DNA to trace several related family branches overseas.  He instructs continuing education courses in basic and advanced genetic genealogy at Howard Community College in Columbia, MD.  He leads a Beginning DNA focus group at the Washington DC Family Search Center and was a facilitator for the genetic genealogy module of the on-line Genealogical Research Course at Boston University. He chairs the East Coast Genetic Genealogy Conference and is a founding member of the Investigative Genetic Genealogy Accreditation Board (IGGAB). He is currently an investigative team member at the DNA Doe Project and board member of the non-profit database website.
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Decoding Your Matches with the Leeds Method by Susan VH Fabian
Wednesday, October 25
Decoding Your Matches with the Leeds Method by Susan VH Fabian  (Monthly Educational Meetings)
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Are you confused by how your DNA matches are related to you and each other? Do you have your DNA test on multiple platforms and aren’t sure how to organize them to see the relationships between sites? The Leeds method may be your answer. In this presentation, we will work step-by-step through the process of viewing and sorting matches, and organizing them into a color coded chart that will provide clues to your DNA matches and the families they descend from.
Susan VH Fabian is a research and genetic genealogist at Your Genealogy Journey / Your Genetic Journey specializing in tackling brick-wall problems and adoption cases using DNA. Her regional expertise is in Maryland State records. Susan holds a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University and is a graduate of ProGen52, GenProof71 and several other genealogy study groups. She has taken additional coursework in Genetic Genealogy, Forensic Genealogy, Advanced Search Methods, Mid-Atlantic Regional Research, Land Records, and Teaching.
Susan sits on the executive board of the Maryland Genealogical Society and is the co-host of the Pima County Genealogical Society’s DNA SIG. She volunteers her time as a Search Angels, with Find-A-Grave, and the Maryland State Archives. She has taught classes in research methods and genetic genealogy.
What started as a challenge to find a family member more than 30 years ago has blossomed into a passion for solving family puzzles which Susan shares enthusiastically with anyone who will listen.
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Regicide in the Family: Finding John Dixwell by Sarah Dixwell Brown
Wednesday, November 15
Regicide in the Family: Finding John Dixwell by Sarah Dixwell Brown  (Monthly Educational Meetings)
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
I will describe my decades-long journey to discover all I could about not only my regicidal seven greats grandfather, but also the particular line of his descendants leading to me. The literal and metaphorical object holding the narrative together is John Dixwell’s key to Dover Castle which was passed down through eight generations to me, the ninth.
Sarah Dixwell Brown taught writing at Stanford University, Santa Clara University, Mount Holyoke College, and the Commonwealth Honors College at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She has published numerous personal essays in national and local publications. Her first book was prompted by her receiving a family heirloom, a key to Dover Castle that once belonged to her direct ancestor John Dixwell, a regicide of Charles I who escaped to New England in the 1660s.
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