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NOTE:  Members Can Only Renew Within 30 Days BEFORE Membership Anniversary Date and 60 Days AFTER
(for special situations, contact
Review the examples on this entire page first, before starting your renewal process
1. START: Click here to go to the “MEMBERS…Sign In Here” page
2. Use your “Login Name” and “Password” to log-in
3. When logged in, this red box will appear (the number of days may be different):
4. On the left, in the blue column, click “Your Member PROFILE.”
5.  The red box is now at the top of the member’s profile information and the blue “Renew Membership” appears.
6. Click “Renew Membership” to take you to the renewal page. Here you will see: a) Whichever plan in which they are currently enrolled, b) the annual [membership] fee, c) space for a donation, and d) payment method (at present, please use Paypal/credit card). (If you wish to change your member plan, please contact us at .)
7. Within the blue box, check the small box and a kaptcha code will appear. Enter that code in the larger box, then press “Confirm & Checkout” which confirms you are human and not a robot.  It will take you to another screen to enable you to print the transaction.
8. ...once you CONFIRM the above and successfully entered the kaptcha code you'll see:

To complete your order, you must click the "Buy Now"
button below to make your payment.

Your order number is:  MR165xxxxxxxOxxx

   Print Order Confirmation   

And then checkout here:

9.  You may print out the order confirmation now.  You can then send that along with a check or if you want to use a credit card click BUY NOW to take you to PayPal.
10.  At PayPal (they may try to get you to sign up but you don't need to!), enter the appropriate information and be sure to click:
11.  Now its time to enjoy another Genealogical year at the Montgomery County Genealogical Society. 
      Happy Genealogy!